Insights: Paying favors forward

The movie “Pay it Forward” made quite an impression on me a few years ago. Haley Joel Osment, (who became famous for the unforgettable line “I see dead people” in “The Sixth Sense”), plays Trevor, a child given an assignment by his teacher. The assignment is straightforward: Do something, no matter how small, to help change the world for the better.

Trevor came up with the idea of paying a favor – not back – but forward. Instead of repaying a good deed to a person who helped him, Trevor decides to do good deeds “forward” to three unknown people.

The good deeds have a ripple effect, making the lives of all of those who received his favors better. In return, those affected by Trevor’s good will also paid good deeds forward to strangers, multiplying the boy’s three unselfish acts exponentially.

The movie touched a real spiritual nerve with me thanks to the simplicity of its message and the possibility that Trevor’s selfless philosophy might really work. Such are the dreams of an idealist like me.

One dream, that will become reality, however, is very much in keeping with Trevor’s vision of paying favors forward – it’s Total Landscape Care’s reader recognition program called “Landscaper of the Year” that we are introducing on page 49 of this issue. Our editors will be looking for the best and brightest in our industry with a goal of telling their stories in future issues of Total Landscape Care. Even better, our magazine will treat a group of finalists to a gala banquet and ceremony, recognizing them for their accomplishments and contributions to the landscaping industry. And our annual winner will be featured in their very own cover story next year.

Case Equipment has stepped up to sponsor this program. If you have worked hard – or know someone who has earned a solid reputation as a landscaping professional – visit our website and click on the “Landscaper of the Year” logo. There you can find out more about this program and register yourself or a nominee.

This program will grow quickly in its visibility and importance in the industry as the only recognition program of its kind. It is an excellent opportunity to promote our industry, and those who work to make it great, to the rest of the country.

Consider this program Total Landscape Care and Case Equipment’s way of “paying it forward” for all of the many blessings that have come our way. Help us make it grow by registering your company, or someone you know who is deserving of recognition. Who knows? It might just be you smiling back at you from the cover of Total Landscape Care a few short months from now.

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